Vehicle Reservations - Internal Department Use ONLY


If there are issues with the van (transmission, battery, tires, doors, mirrors, seat - anything), please immediately notify Ramia Whitecotton.  Although they are serviced about every 3K miles, things happen.  If you aren't sure if the issue has already been reported, please report it anyway - we would rather have it reported twice than not at all..


Van Reservations (all departments)

Please contact Ramia or the Welcome Center to check out a vehicle to use (EVRN, G/AS, & GEOL). The staff need to know the following info upon check out of van, regardless of department.  We won't be able to reserve a vehicle for you without this information.

  • Name of person making the reservation 
  • Name of all drivers (Geology: see below for driver requirements)
  • Class name and number, purpose of using the vehicle
  • Faculty member or Advisor involved
  • Contact information: phone and email
  • How long do you plan to use the vehicle (time of key pick-up to time of key drop-off)
  • Destination, location
  • Funding for the trip (we need to know where the money is coming from to cover the gas)



Pick up and drop off keys in Ritchie 254F. Keys must be returned promptly after use as there are other people who have the vehicles checked out.  If it is after hours, there is a key drop box outside of Lindley Hall 215.

Do NOT take the vehicles home or use them for personal errands!!  This is a liability issue.



Please fill up the gas tanks before returning the vehicle from where you picked it up (if from the KU Maintenance Garage, you must return the vehicle to the KU Maintenance Garage).

  • The gas pumps are located at the KU Maintenance Garage. 
  • You will need the following info to pump the gas
    • 7 digit code from the inside of driver door
    • 4 digit personal gas code.  If you don't know your personal code, contact
    • Odometer Reading
    • Instructions on how to use the pumps are located on the pumps
  • State vehicles, if filling up in Lawrence, MUST use the pumps at the garage.  Research vehicles can use any gas station. 
  • Each vehicle has a gas p-card.  We need all receipts for all purchases made on p-card. 
    • When you get the p-card (from Ramia when you get the keys), it comes with an envelope. Ideally, you are to store the keys, p-card, and receipts within these envelopes and return the whole thing back to the Welcome Center upon return. 
    • If it is after hours, return the envelopes to either Ritchie 254 (the student desk to the right) or to Lindley Hall 220.  An OSD key will open Lindley 220 where the staff mailboxes are.  Please put the envelope in Ramia's mailbox.
    • Please reference "returning vehicles" below for information on what do to with the p-card receipts


Please pick up any and all trash within the vehicles, then return the vehicles to the location you picked them up

  • The G/AS van and the Geology minivan have reserved parking spots in Lot 54.  Only these vehicles can park there.  If they aren't returned to these spots, but to another location in the lot, you will get a ticket.  The person who reserved the vehicle is responsible for paying this ticket regardless of who drove.  
  • The Geology pick-up truck and EVRN vans are allowed to park in Lot 54, but we ask that you park the truck in a RED spot and the vans in BLUE spots along the edge.  
  • The fleet of Geology vans are parked outside of the KU Maintenance Garage (Lot 220) and must be returned there with a full tank of gas.  It is not the responsibility of the staff move vans. DO NOT LEAVE THE VANS IN THE PARKING LOT BETWEEN MURPHY AND GREEN HALL - Staff and faculty pay for these spots and when the vans are parked there, people can't use the spots they pay for; putting the van back where they belong is the polite thing to do.  
  • The driver of the vehicle will be the primary point of contact for policing their vehicle and making sure it's clean and filled up.  Pick up and throw away any and all trash.
  • Do Not Back Into Parking Stalls!!  KU monitors license plates and they can't scan the plate if you're backed in.  If the vehicle gets a ticket, the person who checked out the vehicle will be responsible for the fine.
  • Gas Receipts
    • Tape one receipt on one piece of paper - DO NOT tape multiple receipts on one sheet - it creates a nightmare for the auditors. 
      • Note, this is just for p-card receipts.  If you're being reimbursed, you can tape multiple receipts on one sheet.  A 'reimbursement' is one transaction (a total reimbursement), but p-card receipts are several individual transactions hence why we use separate pieces of paper.  
      • On this sheet, list the last four of the p-card, the vehicle the receipt belongs to, and the business purpose of the receipt (ie: what field trip you went on and for what class, ex: GEOL 512)
    • Don't tape over important information as the tape causes the receipts to change color and the important info will disappear with the color change.
    • Obtain funding for the receipts (for Geology see Carolyn Church, Ritchie 254D)
    • Give the receipts to Ramia (Ritchie 254F)


  • KU Vehicle insurance is liability ONLY. 
    • Please report accidents to Ramia immediately.
    • You MUST be an employee at KU (part time employees count) in order to drive and be covered by KU insurance.  DO NOT DRIVE ANY VEHICLE IF YOU AREN'T AN EMPLOYEE!
  • ​​When more than person is in a vehicle a passenger will get out and provide backing guidance to the driver
  • Everyone must wear seatbelts
  • If going on a long trip, make sure to check the oil, tire pressure, belts, and other fluids before leaving
  • Maintain order & decorum in vehicle
  • Report mechanical / vehicle issues to Ramia immediately
  • Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol



If you are in Geology, you will need to take the online tests.  There are 4 tests and will be emailed to you from Alert Driving.  In order to take the tests, please email Ramia the following info:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Driver's License Number
  • State of Issue for DL
  • Date of Birth

- The Geology minivan must not leave the KC metro/Lawrence area.  It is NOT to be used for field trips or research.
- The Geology Pickup Truck is from 1992.  It is old and you observe any and all risk taking it outside of Lawrence or to the field.
- We have one set of jack stands for the vans to help in case you experience a flat tire.  The stands are stored at the field loading station in Slawson to be 'checked out' when going on a field trip.  They are to be returned here and NOT stored in a van since different vans are used on fieldtrips.


Environmental Studies:

  • Dodge Ram Multipassenger Van, Red, Tag 05441, BLUE parking permit
  • Chevy Multipassenger Van, Red, Tag 3067, GOLD parking permit

Geography and Atmospheric Studies

  • Dodge Ram Truck, Charcoal, Tag 14834, BLUE parking permit (note: this vehicle has a manual transmission, only those who can drive manuals are allowed to check this out)
  • Ford E-350 XL Multipassenger Van, White, Tag 11630, Reserved parking spot in lot 54


  • Chevy Surburan, Blue, Tag 762EMF, BLUE parking permit
  • Chevy Express Multipassenger Van, Red, Tag 13423, BLUE parking permit
  • Chevy Express Multipassenger Van, Gold, Tag 14766, BLUE parking permit
  • Chevy Express Multipassenger Van, Tag 17896, BLUE parking permit
  • Chevy Express Multipassenger Van, Tag 17895, BLUE parking permit
  • Ford F-150 pickup, Brown, Tag 00297, RED parking permit 
  • Dodge Grand Caravan, Silver, Tag 763EMF, Reserved parking spot in lot 54

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